GPS Tracking and Control of Bus Fleets


Works with any mobile device ( Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets) using a Web Browser connected to the Internet





Datalink Systems has been designing AVL and wireless data tracking software since 1996. Our latest development provides live status and location updates of local  bus fleets. Datalink's i50 MobiHUB provides GPS tracking and other data from the Bus, routing it over a choice of wireless networks to DataGate Host processing sotware.  Android Tablets can be linked to the MobiHUB for two-way text communications with the Driver. This can also include SmartButton Driver ID and log on and off duty.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee was our first client. They needed a system that would update and display the location of each tourist trolley bus and its ETA (estimated time of arrival) at each route stop.


Each status update is transmitted over a wireless network to a DataGate processing hub, normally installed in the bus operator's computer which processes the data and displays it on a website live map accessible on-line, including smartphones, by the general public. The same live map screen is displayed at the main bus depot.



Datalink's BusLink can be custom developed to meet the unique needs of each fleet operator. Each bus route is separately tracked and color coded for easy viewing by the public.

LMR Radios

BusLink requires GPS updates every minute or less in order to effectively provide Bus location reporting. Low cost M2M data only service can be incorporated.  Contact Datalink for complete details.


BusLink works most effectively over GSM cellular networks. Datalink Systems Inc., can provide M2M cellular services covering the USA and Canada with cross border roaming.

GSM M2M data service can also be an option for Kenwood LMR Dealers where data transmissions are interfering with voice transmissions. M2M data services can be resold by Kenwood dealers, providing an additional monthly revenue stream


Please contact Datalink Systems USA Inc., for complete details on adding BusLink tracking for your fleet.