Field Proven Commercial Applications by Datalink


Datalink Systems are in use around the world by government agencies, the military and law enforcement. Datalink's 15 years of developing advanced GPS and data tracking applications is now available for commercial markets, including municipalities.

SIMPLE low cost fleet tracking makes use of the OBD-Smart "Plug-In" shown on the left panel. Vehicles can be equipped with the pre-programmed device in 2 or 3 minutes with the data appearing on supervisors workstation screens and maps using Datalink's WebGate Web-Browser Software.  More advanced reporting for Snow Plows and Lone Worker monitoring would use Datalink's i50-V3 device.  Both units use 3G Cellular modems. The i50-V3 also connects to JVCKenwood  NEXEDGE Networks including "Gen-2"

Datalink's DataNET Software and Hardware can serve municipal fleet monitoring in many ways.

  • Vehicle GPS tracking
  • Driver ID per vehicle
  • Driver on duty hours
  • Excessive idling
  • Automatic maintenance and service alerts
  • choice of maps including ESRI.


  • Personal GPS with emergency button for outside workers. Parking Ticket Enforcement can be hazardous

  • Power Line workers


  • Monitor Blade up/down with GPS date and location

  • Log salting locations and volume

  • Driver ID and vehicle on/off activity


  • Driver ID and engine lock out

  • GPS reporting of activity

  • Theft monitoring

  • After hours use

TRANSIT VEHICLES (smaller municipalities)

  • Passenger load counters

  • Driver emergency button

  • GPS tracking and on time reporting

  • School Bus and Student RFID tracking


  • Officer ID and engine lock-out

  • Emergency lights/siren monitoring

  • High speed chase tracking

  • Covert encrypted data communications

  • Smartphone apps for street beat officers


Datalink's DatNET software is in a class by itself. It is normally installed in the clients own Windows Servers. Installation performed by Datalink Staff at no cost. Datalink can also provide Cloud Hosting for smaller clients. Click here for WebGate workstation software.


Datalink can provide complete solutions including Host/Mobile Software programs, very low cost M2M cellular service and also data services over local UHF/VHF frequencies (JVCKenwood NEXEDGE).

ROI (Return On Investment)

It is well proven that GPS tracking of equipment and personnel can result in significant savings, with the investment in these types of systems being recovered in a few years. There are many ROI examples to be found on the Internet. The following is a excellent example how GPS can reduce a regional government's expenditures.


  • Direct hardware and software purchase. (Contact regional office listed below)

  • Contract or no Contract Cloud based service

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