Link Internet Emails and text messages to NEXEDGE


Our latest App' "WebLink" ties different Networks together when using our DataNET host software. WebLink offers extreme adaptability.  In its simplest form you can send an email or SMS from a Smartphone, Tablet or workstation over the Internet to an NX-Mobile radio screen and reply with canned messages including GPS tracking. To limit GPS interference with voice comunications, GPS can be attached to PTT only.

The advanced options allows for a Laptop, MDT-6000 or Tablet to connect to an NX Mobile radio (RS-232) which can provide job dispatching, two-way text messaging and GPS tracking.

NX-5XXX with Bluetooth
WeblInk can also connect to NX-5XXX series using Bluetooth. Note! A Bluetooth data license is required from JVCKENWOOD.


OPTIONS (click on hyperlinks for complete details)

  • Lowest cost. Email/SMS, Android App or NXlink (Web-Browser) via Datalink's Cloud server to NEXEDGE Portable or Mobile radios.
  • Job Dispatching using Workstation and Datalink DataHost Software via Datalink's Cloud server to an MDT or Tablet attached to a NX mobile radio.
  • Job Dispatching as above with local DataNET software installed in Dealer's or Customer's computers.



WebLink will work over NEXEDGE trunked or conventional networks.  DataGate to Network link can either be IP Console, where DataGate becomes another Console node, or by using a serial to Ethernet adaptor connected to the serial port on a Base Radio and the IP address is routed to your remote DataGate.

When your NEXEDGE network cannot handle the increased demand of GPS data reports it can be off-loaded to Private Cellular Services provided by Datalink.



Please contact Datalink Systems USA Inc., for more detailed information.