DataNET:  Multi-Network I.P. Data Processing and Routing Software



DataNET has no equal. It merges multiple networks and hardware from a variety of manufacturers onto common databases and display screens. Track and monitor any type of asset including vehicles, vessels or aircraft. Exchange text messages with field personnel.  DataNET is an advanced platform that enables data communications on a Global scale.

At its heart is DataGate Plus. our I.P. packet data routing software. Evolved over the past 15 years, it delivers a very stable and secure platform integrated with multiple terrestrial and satellite networks. Available with AES-256 encryption for military and law enforcement applications.











  1. It's not centrally hosted!

  2. Installs in client's own servers behind firewalls.

  3. AES-256 encryption option for Government and Military Agencies.

  4. Merges multiple data networks, Satellite and Terrestrial.

  5. Pricing scaled to address small and large corporations and agencies.

     6.    Integrated with a wide range of 3rd. party hardware; Cellular/Satellite/LMR Mobile Radio. 

    7.    Cloud Service available. 




















One DataNET can connect worldwide to a range of assets and regional offices using WebGATE for control and monitoring over I.P. open Internet or VPN Tunneled.



Download a free evaluation copy of DataNET which also includes DataGate Plus I.P. routing hub software.
 (Select DataGate Plus 6.XX.XX)                    (Download a copy of the DataGate Plus operators manual)




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