Until very recently truck drivers were limited to cellphones when they needed to call their base or home.
Today VOCALIS allows Dispatchers to see the location and talk with the drivers one to one or group anywhere on the continent with a simple PTT press of a button.
Every commercial driver has a Cellphone in their pocket. Android or Apple. Most are on AT&T or T-Mobile and not all regions have both so "NO SERVICE" in many regions if you use only AT&T or T-Mobile. The solution ?
Unlock the phone and Switch to Datalink SIMs with auto-switching between AT&T and T-Mobile and get much better service.
Better still, install an Anysecu 4G W2 terminal with a Datalink SIM in the cab and talk to with the office or the team. Be part of a conference call from the cab. Datalink's SIMS and open cellular service covers Mexico, the USA and Canada. Open Borders.


Anysecu 4G W2. Cellular and WiFi. Dash or Console mounted. Clear voice, GPS Mapping and texting.



It is not C.B.                                                            It's the latest 4G Cellular  Multi-Network Terminal with VOCALIS Mapping, Texting, GPS and talking with your Team. Using Datalink SIMS, it connects to AT&T and T-Mobile and auto-switches to the strongest network in any region.










Datalink's VOCALIS Dispatcher console provides low cost communications for smaller fleet operators. Windows based, instal in a desktop or laptop. Low monthly cost. Communicate over the Internet.

GPS location of every truck and trailer.  Get temperature alerts on reefers.  Get theft alert of rigs and trailers with Geo-Fencing,
Ulefone Armor 5 . Very rugged and waterproof with clear loud audio.









INRICO  T-320  4G Walkie Talkie style with Wi-Fi. Android OS



















Price of the VOCALIS account per driver: $7.90 per month. Prepaid annually. Does not include cellular airtime. Use your existing Smartphone and current airtime account or our multi-network service with auto-switching between AT&T and T-Mobile.
Cellular Airtime costs will vary based the account provider and total talk time.  Estimated range should be $15 to $30 per month.
Note!  VOCALIS will also connect to Datalink's CLOUD server over WiFi.

Contact your local LMR Mobile Radio Dealer to buy SIMS, Airtime and Dispatch Software. 
Or email
sales@datalinksystemsinc.com for our closest dealer or to become an independent Reseller.

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