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DataGate Adds a Wide Range of Data and Voice Processing to THURAYA

DataGate-E, developed by Datalink International for municipal and government GIS departments, acts as a transparent, multi-network data pipe. Networks include: 4G/5G, and most satellite links including Thuraya. DataGate-E provides SCADA data routing, PTT for temporary NGO emergency sites, and GPS and text messages over bridged Thuraya and 4G. A separate Datalink service, Vocalis, provides 4G/5G and Thuraya voice PTToC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) service for field personnel, linking groups, and sub-groups. Vocalis provides one-to-one or group talk, text, and GPS tracking.

DataGate-E delivers a cellular agnostic network service at a lower cost than that charged by major carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. DataGate-E automatically switches to the closest cell tower with 4G service.

DataGate works with all Peplink Wireless Mobile Routers. Use MAX-BR1 for marine communications. MAX-Transit can provide WiFi and internet access for all passengers on long distance bus routes using Thuraya.

Link a Wide Range of Remote Devices to your ESRI and ArcGIS Systems

Ruggedized Tablet

RuggON SOL PA501 Ruggedized Tablet

RuggON SOL PA501

RuggON’s SOL PA501 rugged tablet is suitable for in-vehicle and portable applications. The SOL PA501 rugged tablet optimizes workflow efficiency with functionality and safety in mind.

The SOL PA501 operates on 12 volts DC making it easy to install in vehicle. The SOL has a bright 1,000 NITS screen allowing outside work in bright sunshine. Optional fingerprint reader, magnetic stripe reader (MSR), and machine readable zone reader (MRZ) are available as peripherals.



A VOCX8 ruggedized smartphone on blue and purple galaxy background

The VOCX8 is a full-feature, ruggedized Android phone. It allows for greater functionality while still having physical PTT and SOS buttons. If you are comfortable with Android OS, you will already know how to use this device. With MIL-STD-810G certification the VOCX8 is incredibly rugged.


A VOC100 network mobile radio on galaxy background

The Vocalis VOC100 is the perfect option for in-vehicle PoC communications. The VOC100 runs on 12V meaning it is wired into and powered by your vehicle. The VOC100 comes with two external antennas for GPS and LTE, insuring that you have the strongest connection.

Worker in white hard hat and yellow and orange jumpsuit working on solar panels by theirselves

Lone Worker Protection and GPS Tracking

DataGate-E processes GPS data allowing you to track your employees and insure they are safe. With Vocalis a lone worker can easily send out an SOS if they are in distress. Making you confident that your workers are safe even if they are working alone. If you don’t need all of the features of Vocalis then DataGate-E can process GPS and distress calls through a personal GPS tracker and SOS button. These devices are small enough to put in your pocket and can operate over satellite networks for protection even if there is no cellular or radio coverage.

Meitrack T633L device on galaxy background

Meitrack T633L 

The Meitrack T633L 4G provides monitoring and control of public works plant equipment. Peripheral options such as LCD display, fuel tank level sensor, RFID-NFC tag readers, and cameras. The T633L can lock out the starter if the operator is not qualified to operate equipment.

Construction equipment on street working

i50MobiHUB by Datalink

The i50 MobiHUB has fifteen years of design experience behind it. Available with optional cellular modem and/or Iridium SBD satellite modem for world wide operation. It will also connect directly to certain models of LMR mobile radios such as Kenwood's NX and DMR series.

i50 MobiHUB device
Stack of several Peplink modems, routers, and satellite equipment

 Works with Peplink Devices

DataGate-E is compatible with Peplink’s connectivity solutions. Peplink provides a wide array of mobile routers to keep you connected. From seamless satellite/cellular modems to the newest 4G/5G technology, Peplink has a device that fits your needs.

DataGate-E adds workstation maps, AIS, GPS, texting, and more with Vocalis two-way group PTT over 4G/5G.

Go Beyond Peplink InControl!

Go beyond Peplink InControl and connect with a choice of vehicle monitoring devices, passenger counters, reefer compartment temperature monitoring, and school bus monitoring for student safety. Report engine CAN BUS messages and lock out unqualified drivers.

DataGate Diagram showing integration with Peplink devices
RTUs on transparent background

RTUs and PLCs

Datalink's DataGate-E can route GIS HMI control to remote PLCs and RTUs over a choice of data networks including 4G cellular, local VHF/UHF, or Iridium Satellites.


Image of a dam with water flowing over it with trees in the background

Use SCADA satellite links to monitor remote small dams and power turbines.


Aerial view of a large solar farm

Monitor remote solar arrays over Iridium satellites.

Same Height Control

Pumping Stations

Same Height Control
Blue pipes with a little rust and the sky in the backround

SCADA remote control of pumping stations with low cost Iridium satellites.

Fuel Storage

Three large, white fuel storage containers

Monitor remote fuel storage sites against theft and vandalism.

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