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FlightTrack is not complex. It is simply an open cloud server and related web screens. These screens display ADS-B and satellite tracked aircraft’s GPS location and ICAO ID.

FlightTrack is web based and viewable on any computer. This includes handheld smartphones all the way up to wall sized video screens that are connected to the Internet.

Simulated Firelink WebGate Screen showing live drone footage and wildfire hotspots

Datalink Webgate with simulated screens and data

How it Works

  1. You buy monthly access to the open cloud which includes feeds to all web screens, fixed and mobile, you intend to use.

  2. You provide the aircraft ICAO identifier that you want to track. A monthly fee applies to each aircraft.

  3. You select the range radius in Km around a wildfire to view all aircraft involved. Signal latency from aircraft to screen is typically under two seconds.

  4. You have nothing to install. The data exists. We just turn on the feeds you request.

All Hardware Depicted Below is Available From Our Partners Around the Globe

Two firefighters walking through smoke and burnt trees

SAR for Firefighters in Distress

When firefighters are in distress and press the SOS button on the NAL SHOUT, their GPS location is automatically routed to FireLink screens in helicopters or carried by ground rescue teams.

NAL Shout NS personal tracking device on transparent background
Fire fighting plane dropping red water on wildfire

GPS Track Water Bombers Every Few Seconds

1. GPS location tracking using ADS-B or on-board GPS hardware suck as FireLink with TrackLink or NAL-Quicksilver

2. GPS location of start of dump

3. GPS location of end of dump

NAL Quicksilver tracking device for aircrafts
White and Black Professional video drone flying over a field with trees in the background

UAV Live Streaming IR Imaging

(under development)

Key Benefits
  • Cost-Effective Water Delivery

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Portable Convenience

Key Features
  • Fully Collapsible

  • High-Flow Dump Valve

  • Low Power Consumption (5A @ 28VDC)

  • Designed for Maximum Durability and Strength

Grey military helicopter with bambi-bucket releasing water

Track Bambi-Bucket GPS Location Drops

VOC S900 push to talk device on a purple galaxy background

PTToC (Push-To-Talk over Cellular)

Vocalis is 3G-4G based, multi-group, long range, voice/video/data with GPS tracking.

Vocalis connects multiple remote Android smartphones with Vocalis installed for mixed group conference calls.

The handset depicted in this section is the Datalink VOC900B with showerproof housing and loud, clear audio.

The Perfect Combination

Datalink’s DLI-RD11 is a rugged IP65 rated device with a bright 1000 NIT screen protected with Gorilla Glass using Android 11. It has multiple I/O connections and offers the following add-on applications. WebGate screen interface with two-way texting and alerts, multi-group Vocalis PTToC, and ADS-B with USB dongle for live aircraft location reception.

QuakeGlobal Q-Pro Satellite modem

NAL Quicksilver

4G and IridiumSatellite

A variety of fire fighting vehicles on a runway

An ideal combination to add advanced communications to CAL FIRE’s ground and air wildfire firefighting fleet.

Datalink DLI-RD11 rugged android tablet

Datalink’s DLI-RD11

Linked Tracking Solutions

Spidertracks Spider X

Spider X device on transparent background

NAL SHOUT 3G/Iridium

NAL SHOUT 3G satellite tracking device on transparent background

NAL Quicksilver

NAL Quicksilver aircraft tracking device on transparent background

Teltonika RUT240

Teltonika RUT240 4G LTE WiFi Router

inmarsat IsatPhone 2

inmarsat IsatPhone 2 satellite phone on transparent background

Solara Field Tracker 2100

Solara Field Tracker 2100 on transparent background

Wildfires are seasonal. The FireLink open screen cloud service has a monthly cost of $890 per municipal firehall. No contract required.

Coming Soon: CivTAK & ATAK Servers Interface

Our Global Clients

Datalink International and its core team have been working together for over 20 years. In that time Datalink has created specialized solutions for a wide range of clients around the globe. The Royal New Zealand Air Force equipped its P3 Orion long range patrol aircraft with Datalink i50 MobiHubs and were later involved in the search for the missing Boeing 777 MH370. The Swedish Space Agency uses the Datalink i50 MobiHub to control high altitude scientific balloons rising to altitudes over 100,000 ft.

US Embassy Attack

On September 2011 Taliban fighters attacked the US embassy in Kabul. A few days later the US State Department contacted Datalink to ask if Datalink could provide a GPS application to work with the embassy’s P25 portable radios.

Datalink delivered a working solution, including DataGate and WebGates, within a few weeks. Providing GPS tracking for all their P25 portables.

London Metropolitan Police

In 2007 the London Metropolitan Police anti-terrorism squad contracted Datalink to develop an Android-based, covert GPS tracking system for undercover officers.

UK Ministry of Defence

Datalink is under a multi-year contract to deliver bespoke variants of DataGate for undisclosed applications.

Ministry of Defence logo

UK Ministry of Defence

US Marshals Service Seal

US Marshals Service

US Department of State Seal

US Department of State

Australian Coat of Arms

Australian Attorney-General's Department

Royal New Zealand Air Force Seal

Royal New Zealand Air Force

Philippine Nave Seal

Philippine Navy

Swedish National Space Agency Logo

Swedish National Space Agency

London Metropolitan Police Service Logo

London Metropolitan Police Service