Above and Beyond 


Datalink’s DataGate and WebGate integrate with a wide varaiety of third party software and hardware. There are tons of compatible brands and devices. If you do not see the device you would like to use with WebGate or DataGate contact us to find out more about integrating it with our ecosystem.

i50 MobiHUB

Close up of the i50 MobiHUB showing power, I/O, and eithernet inputs as well as antenna connectors for WiFi, Iridium, and cell
The only mobile control device that works with satellite, cellular, and LMR VHF/UHF networks

The i50 MobiHUB has fifteen years of design experience behind it. Available with optional cellular modem and/or Iridium SBD satellite modem for world wide operation. It will also connect directly to certain models of LMR mobile radios such as Kenwood's NX and DMR series.

It can be ordered as a complete end-to-end ready to run solution, including back-end software, or as an OEM circuit board assembly with firmware for installation into 3rd party enclosures.

The i50 MobiHUB is fully integrated with our DataGate back end IP routing software, allowing complete end-to-end performance with a choice of mapping programs and client workstation software (optional) or direct connection to most database programs.

Close up of the i50 MobiHUB showing 1 female and two male COM ports as well as a GPS antenna connector


  • 50 channel uBlox LEA GPS receiver

  • Internal satellite and cellular modems with dual operation (optional)

  • Three external RS-232 serial ports

  • Sleep mode with adjustable timeout and periodic wakeup timer

  • Wide input voltage range with load dump protection

  • Battery voltage monitoring

  • Four digital inputs plus ignition sense input

  • Four digital outputs

  • Two analog inputs

  • Two analog inputs

  • Internal flash memory for permanent storage of unit settings

  • Internal data buffer with backup battery eliminates data loss

  • Internal three-axis accelerometer with auto-leveling

  • External J1708 engine interface (optional)

  • External RFID (HID) reader

  • Emergency alert mode

  • SCADA ready

  • Remotely programmable


The i50 MobiHUB and DataGate is compatible with Multispeak, a common data processing platform used by the majority of power and energy companies around the world.

DataGate transports Multispeak formated packets over the selected wireless network for processing by the client’s software.

In the Next Version

  • Ublox LTE - Cat M1 High Speed M2M and IoT chip

  • J1939 CAN BUS Interface

  • Bluetooth

  • Iridium EDGE Active Antenna (optional add-on)

Compatible Devices and Brands

  • Antares Plus

  • Arknav

  • AXTracker

  • Android

  • Blackberry

  • BlueTree

  • Caitland PLD and RFU

  • Cal/Amp

  • Cerberus

  • Ctek SkyRouter

  • Cursor-on-Target

  • Cypress Chameleon

  • DataKnight D100

  • Datalink MDT-214

  • Datalink Mobius

  • Datalink iSeries/RMI

  • Datong

  • DMR-200/SureLinx

  • Enfora

  • FT-2000

  • Genx

  • Globalsat

  • Globalstar Smartone

  • Globalstar SPOT and SPOTX

  • GSatMicro

  • Hytera Radios

  • iCOM Radios

  • Iridium Extreme

  • IsatData Pro

  • IsatPhone Pro

  • JRC with ITA

  • Kenwood Radios (FleetSync, NXDN, DMR, dPMR, Type-2 Trunking, P25)

  • Lars Thrane

  • LeoTrak

  • Meitrack

  • Mini-C

  • Motorola Astro 25

  • MSAT-G2

  • MTData

  • NAL Black Box

  • NAL Shout

  • Naviset

  • NMEA (via UDP)

  • PDT-100

  • Peplink

  • Portman

  • PotsDOCK

  • PT2000

  • Quake iQ

  • Quelink GL200, GL300, GL500, GL520, GL530, GMT200, GT301, GV55, GV300, GV500, Prime

  • Raveon Radios

  • BK Technologies Radios (formerly Relm)

  • RIC-M

  • SatMate i60

  • SatMate i10

  • Seagull

  • Sectrack D+

  • Sendum

  • Sierra Wireless AirLink

  • Sinocastel

  • Skyhawk

  • Skyhelp

  • TAIP Generic Devices

  • Tallysman Sprite

  • Thrane Fleet Broadband

  • Thuraya XT/SS

  • Trax MT

  • Trident Sensor

  • Trident Tiger

  • TT3000

  • Ulbotech

  • Veracity

  • Vocalis GPS API

  • GPS Watch

  • Wireless Links Piccolo

  • Xact

School busses sitting in a parking lot

School Buses

The i50 MobiHUB is the perfect device to monitor all functions in school buses. The i50 controlled by Datalink's DataGate host software can provide a complete end-to-end system for smaller school boards, or can be an advanced mobile hardware terminal linked to 3rd party student management software such as EDULOG, BUSBOSS, and others.

  • Monitor Door (Opening/Closing)

  • Stop Arm

  • Flashing Lights

  • Student RFID (Boarding/Exiting)

  • Driver RFID (On Duty Hours)

  • Report Engine Code Alerts

  • Two-Way Text Messaging with Drivers

  • Monitor Speeding / Aggressive Driving

  • Remote Engine Lock-Out

  • Service & Maintenance Alerts

Don’t see a your device, contact us to see about integration!