Above and Beyond 

The Team

Software and Hardware Engineering

Datalink Systems was created in 1997 to develop AVL GPS tracking solutions over cellular networks. Since then Datalink has morphed over the years into an advanced software and hardware design and development company with extensive experience in developing software and hardware solutions for cellular, LMR/PMR, satellite and  I.P. based systems with optional AES-256 encrypted security.

Consulting and Design Services

Datalink's data development skills span many wireless protocols. One focus is to develop applications in support of its LMR dealer network where customers require the routing of GPS and other data over LMR/PMR mobile networks. This includes NXDN, P25 and DMR.

Datalink's services include customized advanced design.

  • Robotic car assembly computers to in-plant portable radio paging of service technicians to repair a robot in the shortest possible time.

  • Android applications to meet customer's specific needs over LMR, satellite and cellular networks.

  • Data and GPS routing designed for NEXEDGE and DMR networks.

  • GPS and data processing over P25 networks.

Management Team

Clive Ross

CEO and Founder

Circular portrait of Clive Ross

Tim Carter

B. Eng.
Head of Development

Circular portrait of Tim Carter

Ankit Patel

B. Eng.
Android/Linux Development

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Circular portrait of Don Wingo

Don Wingo

B. Eng. R.F. Eng.
Technical Director

Circular portrait of Jacob Wingo

Jacob Wingo

Development and Technical Support

Board of Directors

Clive Ross


Circular portrait of Clive Ross
Circular portrait of Don Wingo

Don Wingo

B. Eng. R.F. Eng.
Engineering Director

Circular portrait of Dan Reese

Dan Reese

International Wildfire Consultant

Circular portrait of Pierre Laporte

Pierre Laporte